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Outline of the presentation of ÖSP Chairman Sinan Çiftyürek, on Conference 6 – 7 February 2016

Dear participants!

We greet you all respectfully in the name of the Freedom and Socialism Party.

We wish this conference results in positive decisions and directions in terms of putting an end to the war and ensuring the freedom of our people.

On behalf of our Party we thank everyone who contributed to organizing this conference, which aims to contribute to a solution to the Kurdish issue and to relieve the pain and agony that our people are currently suffering from.

*This Conference has to commemorate our people who lost their lives in an imposed war in the past months in Varto, Silvan, Cizre, Sur, Silopi, and to express condolences to their families.

We have to emphasise that barricade/trench warfare causes damage to our people’s struggle for liberation and therefore is wrong,  but we should also declare that the young people who died in the barricades were standing up forthe revolutionary spirit.

*Our Conference should salute the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan parts!

Supporting the steps towards the independence of South Kurdistan, the Conference should call the southern politics to strengthen their internal democracy during this critical process and resolve as soon as possible the presidential issue which is becoming a lasting crisis!

We have to declare supporting the struggle of Rojava for their political/administrative status and call PYD (Democratic Union Party-Syria) and other politics in Rojava to make more effort for the Kurdish national alliance.

We should salute the strengthening struggle of our Eastern people as another positive development, despite the weakening regional-global support for Eastern Kurdistan following The Nuclear Agreement between Iran and the West.

*Our conference should support the 1128 academics-intellectuals in their solidarity with our people reflected in their petition entitled “We won’t be a party to this crime” and we should condemn the repression, investigation and detention by the government upon these academics.

*In this capitalist world where 50 million people die of hunger every year, where the 62 richest billionaires own as much wealth as the poorer half of the world’s population, we should  call the global labour forces to struggle for equality and justice!

Dear participants

The three articles on this Conference are equally important and we believe that presentations as well as speakers on these topics will make significant contributions to these matters.

At the end of the conference, participating political parties will get the chance to give a presentation, so we will share our views with you regarding the agenda item “Prospects and means to a solution”.

The February 2016 Conference primarily have to create a strong public opinion by emphasising that WAR IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

What is the use of all these attacks on our cities serve, before the eyes of the international and the Turkish people?

As the search for political solutions became blocked in Dolmabahce Palace, AKP could not obtain the expected parliamentary majority in the June 7th elections and Erdoğan’s dream to become president failed, and most importantly, the plans of the Turkish state in Rojava did not work out… The state and the government have turned to war-based politics. Indeed, the state did not accept the Kurdistan map that came out of the elections, AKP lost its absolute majority and Erdoğan’s plans to createa presidential state remained unfulfilled. These three developments resulted in the declaration of war to our people.

As a result,  the political interests of the AKP government and the national interests of the state joined together in the declaration of war to the Kurds.

The state and the government were looking for an excuse to attack our people, and they found it at the barricade/trench warfare of PKK in the cities. With this barricades/trench excuse,  a war has been launched against our people and a military approach to the Kurdish issue has been reestablished.

We have warned that as long as the state and the government deal with the results instead of the problem itself, it will end up with conflict again.

What is being done?

*The towns are invaded with tanks and TOMA’s (Intervention Vehicle to Social Events), cities are bombed, districts are emptied, people are put under pressure.

*The dead and injured cannot be picked up and lie for days on the streets. Injured people sheltering in basements of apartment buildings cannot be transported by ambulance despite all efforts!

*People flee their hometown, carrying white flags. In Cizre, Silopi, Sur, it is no longer possible to live safely in their homes. They leave everything behind and flee with a white flag. Even fleeing is no longer safe.

*Our people have lost their lives and property because of the operations that  Turkish regime carries with tanks and cannons in cities like Sur, Silvan, Cizre, under the pretext “to provide public safety” and “ life safety and property protection”.

*The young teacher Ayşe who protested against the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” attitude of the general public, was almost linchedby the public opinion, just becous she calls to break the silence, to stop children dying, to stop mothers crying.

*When Turkish intellectuals signed the petition entitled “We won’t be a party to this crime”, the Turkish state, government officials and partisan media attacked them as as “traitors” , “unworthy” and “despicable” and called prosecutors to act.

Dear participants!

It makes no sense to speak further; you can see, follow and experience all that is happening. What are we going to do, that is the question!

*Kurdish politics have to emphasize with a common attitude, that they are against the war-based policy of the state and government and they have to declare that the state, in the past hundred years has failed to resolve the Kurdish fight for freedom with weapons and assimilation, so they will fail again.

*Again we should call the AKP government to stop the war immediately and pull back the tanks and special forces from the cities and instead, offer a basis for a political solution; after all the destruction and bloodshed, it has become very difficult for this government to rule the Kurdish people.

Kurdish politics again should act with a common call  for the termination of the actual state of emergency and the ongoing operations. They should urge the state to let go of the rhetoric  of “Let’s end the armed struggle first, and then start finding a solution,” and to take the necessary steps and to handle the armed struggle and the Kurdish issue separately.

*The State and the AKP Government should be aware that the narrow policy that is only concerned with eliminating the results of the Kurdish issue, is not returning any solutions, on the contrary, it is enhancing the impasse.

It should be emphasized that urban transformation projects cannot solve the problems in burnt and devastated areas.

*AKP should be called to stop opposing and dividing Kurdish people as “reasonable and unreasonable Kurds” and look for solutions.

While and calling out to PKK for negotiations concerning the armed fight on the one hand, there should be a Kurdish Representative Committee on the other hand for negotiations about the Kurdish issue; this Committee should be representing the Kurdish national democratic movement in all its richness.

In order to solve the issues, the government has to acknowledge Kurdish-Kurdistan matter in the first place, and then look for solutions.

The Turkish state and government must recognize that the solution lies in granting the right to national self-determination (autonomy, federation, independence) to our people. Steps should be taken to tackle the issues, starting with education in the native language.

The solution lies in assigning the rights of Kurds and other ignored nations and suppressed religious groups in the establishment of the new constitution which is a current hot topic; this will have a direct impact on the solution to the Kurdish issue.

Dear Friends!

Also in terms of the Kurdish politics, the solution must be sought in the strong rise of civil  politics. The reaction of the Kurds in the war policy of the state today should not be with weapons! Comparing Turkey with Syria and trying to make a Kobanî of Cizre makes no sense. The cities are burned and destroyed as Kobanî, but it was clear from the start that they would not achieve here what they achieved in Kobanî. Because Turkey is not Syria!

PKK should declare ceasefire, even if it is one-sided, and should contribute to creating a basis for the people to express their anger against the war in a democratic way.

Because, the key to the solution lies in the legitimate democratic revolt of our people. In the North nowadays, the ways of finding a solution is seeking for a status based on civil disobedience. Our parties should take a common position, and call people to struggle for the basic national democratic demands, political status in particular.

This conference should aim for NATIONAL UNITY, particularly in North Kurdistan.

Dear participants!

For the past 20 years, a postmodern war has been going on, on the triangle of Afghanistan-Ukraine-Egypt, and it will probably take another 15-20 years. On this triangle, war is not experienced as war; and peace is not experienced as peace. And Kurdistan is located in the center of this triangle. Therefore, there are as many opportunities in favor of our people, as there are dangerous barriers. To use these opportunities to our advantage and to overcome the obstacles, we must ensure a national unity on and between the parts.

If Kurdish policy do not go towards the national unity today, then when will they? If Rojava could have achieved national unity internally, they could have been represented in Geneva. What happened in Rojava is what Cigerxiw said, “eger hûn nebin yek, hûnê herin yek bi yek” (If you do not come to a national unity, you will perish one by one). Since the two different axes could not form a unity, both The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and The Kurdish National Council (ENKS) were not able to attend Geneva.

Recently we have seen that the USA and Russia who supported PYD in Rojava, have taken a step back because of the opposing attitude of the block Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Of course Kurds have friends and allies, of course, but first of all we have to remain ourselves. Global and regional actors are in competition to be friends of Kurds, for their own interests in the region. At this point, the Kurdish policy needs solid principles and measures. In this respect, we have to make a clear distinction between those who want to change the status quo and those who are advocating the status quo in the region.

If Kurds do not remain themselves and cannot form a national unity, the rhetoric that    “21’th century will be the Kurdish century” will still stay nothing but a claim, despite the  strong awareness and desire for freedom, and the favorable factors acquired during the  100-year struggle. Therefore this conference should aim for national unity, particularly in North Kurdistan.

Dear friends, participants

In the current war circumstances, Kurdish policy has to delay the “you’re wrong, I’m right” discussion of internal sovereignty in all parts, and have to take urgent actions that reflect the common will. As the state, while being wrong, is joining all its powers in the name of national common ground, Kurdish political parties must join forces in their legitimate struggle. In this way, the state and government’s attempts to divide the Kurdish people as “reasonable and unreasonable Kurds” should be disabled.

Now is the time for Kurds to approach each other democratically!

A permanent national democratic alliance will enable the development of internal democracy among the Kurds. Before we can bring democracy to the Middle East, we must determine if we have democracy among ourselves. We cannot progress if the Kurdish parties and movements undermine the internal democracy with mutually exclusive, monolithic and authoritarian behavior, while at the same time giving democracy lessons to the outside.

We know that an alliance and faithful relationship between the national democratic forces is a problematic notion. Both party politics and national unity politics cannot be based on confidence only, but a national democratic unity without confidence is not feasible either. Of course, a broad alliance will bring new obligations for all of us. In a way of speaking, we have to put up with each other. So we have to tolerate differences and develop internal democracy based on the collective.

Dear participants, we conclude with the following message!

*Our message to the people of Turkey, the general public. Break the silence! Create democratic pressure on the Turkish regime and government to return to a political solution.

*Our message to the UN, EP, ECOHR, OSCE and peoples of the world. Break the silence! Apply pressure on the Turkish government.

*Our message to our people abroad and in the country! Raise more organized struggle against persecution!

Stop war and destruction!

Return to the political solution!


Sinan Çiftyürek

Freedom and Socialism Party

President General

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